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Finding love is a universally popular topic as well as a wish that almost every single human being longs for and biker lover is not an exception. With the development of technology, biker online dating has come to the fore, which outshines the conventional way of meeting other singles in many ways, such as the high efficiency-within a few clicks, you will get a full list of matched singles with a high level of compatibility and the widened possibility-online dating platforms designed exclusively for biker lovers make it possible for motorcycle singles who might never have their lives crossed in person bond virtually and leave something to develop from. However facing a multitude of so-called professional biker online dating websites catering to singles who share the same passion for motorcycle riding culture, evaluating and choosing the truly suitable one becomes what matters most before starting your love-seeking journey. After a comprehensive and thorough survey among 10 most famous online matchmaker designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, our website come up with the most reliable and successful website in the field of biker online dating.

The establishment of Harley Dating Site, which is renowned as the the pioneer first created in the year of 2005, marks the commencement of Harley biker online dating. With a total of 6 millions registered Harley motorcycle singles from 29 countries and 5 continents, more and more quality biker lovers can’t resist it’s enduring charm and start to flock to Harley Dating Site. Thus by the end of 2018, the massive already and still growing volume of biker member base is bond to be largest-ever in the industry of online dating for single motorcycle riders.

Aside from the massive quantity of the Harley biker dating website, the quality of which also outshines other similar motorcycle dating platforms. By submitting the picture of their ID card and driver’s licence, each registered Harley biker enthusiast is personally confirmed by the staff to prove they are real. Any biker users who is involved suspicious activity as well as scams and fraud will be permanently banned from entering Harley Dating Site. Moreover, veteran Harley bikers with more than 5 years of experience or professional Harley motorcycle riders will be featured as “Certified Harley biker”, which guarantees them two times more exposure than regular Harley members. Speaking of experienced biker enthusiasts, they represent 45% of all registered biker singles, which means the website is not only the professional online dating website for Harley quality singles, but also is on its way to becoming a social network with the responsibility of carrying forward motorcycle spirits.

Finding a warm and meaningful connection with interesting and caring Harley biker singles who live the same Harley motorcycle lifestyle and are serious about finding love is the goal of every registered Harley biker user and Harley Dating Site makes it extremely efficient and easy for them. Harley Dating Site now proposes a 30 day free trial for wondering and still hesitating single biker girls and biker dudes. Joining the community full of Harley quality biker singles will be the start of your love-seeking journey.

BikerPlanet is biggest biker dating site now

BikerPlaent is an online platform that concentrated in connecting singles who are passion in motorcycle riding and biker culture. Since launched in 20001, the website has a 16 years’ dating history in the biker dating world. Now it grow up and become a professional, friendly, trustful, large scale and safe dating site for all bikers especially single Harley man and charming Harley girls. The site claimed to have 500,000+ real single Harley riders joined in and most of them have certified their motorcycle driving license, photo, age, education and even income. The 1:1 male to female scale makes the site very active and positive interacted. When searching the profiles of female users in person, you could be surprised or even astonished to the natural and real girls/women profiles with adorable life pictures. And when you try to contact them through a directly method, you could easily get unexpected responses in a instant and friendly way. Only in a safe and easeful environment, girls could be open and easy to communicated with, right?

Certified Harley Singles: How can you know someone who are real Harley rider? This feature lists users with the special mark if they have verified their driver License. And you can get verified if you want to get more trust and attention from other users.

Online Harley Counselor: You could meet some unexpected problem in your biker life or you have some question about biker dating need professional help. Don’t worry! Harley Dating Site has online counselors that you can ask for help and get satisfied answer.

Backseat or passenger: You could be a motorcycle rider who want to find another part to be your backseat or passenger. Or you are just that one who is seeking for a charming or big Harley man that you dreamed of to become his backseat passenger. It’s not a problem on Harley Dating Site, just check this feature, things will become easy and soon.

Biker Planet is 100% free for both biker women and men when they register an account and place a biker profile with personal photos. To be a free member, biker members can use plenty of free services such as quick searching, browsing local match, contacting local bikers by sending free flirt, posting comments on photos and profiles other other users, getting back to emails and from other users.

For more services for paid membership, Biker Planet dating site offers 3 payment package for you to choose:
1 month: $26.65 (equivalent to $0.8 per day)
3 months: $56.65 (equivalent to $0.5 per day)
6 months: $90.65 (equivalent to $0.3 per day)

What Beginners Need to about Online Biker Dating-2

The article last month catering to beginners who have just tried online biker kiss dating have went viral and we have gotten thousands of hundreds of request from different single Harley riders who want more of it. In order to give out the content with better quality, we have teamed up with 4 other best online Harley dating sites and compiled a list of the most useful online biker dating tips for the male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who want to make a difference with the help of free motorcycle dating websites. Now it is a time to take a closer look and put them into actions!

Build something online.
Some biker girls and biker guys always forget about spice things up while talking to their biker women or biker man online, while others who do the same justify that they will have plenty of time to do it offline, when meeting in person. However, the biker couples who have already built a connection online has a much high success rate than those who have not. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and use the flirty line first!

Don’t be reluctant about taking things offline
Thought the idea of meeting up with a motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude who you barely know in real life can be a little bit intimidating and scary at first, it’s important to keep in mind that whole point of you start online Harley dating is to meet the compatible Harley girls or Harley guys. Once you have developed the habit of chatting online without purposing any request to meet in person, you will most likely be the pen pal of your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend and will be hidden forever behind a keyboard. It is totally natural and possible if the first date with your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude will be nerve-cracking. However, it is just like any other stuff in life, the more you do it, the easier you will be able to get it. There is no exception in online motorcycle dating.

Relax and enjoy!
No matter what your goal is: looking for a friend who you can ride Harley Davidson bike with, a casual mate to have fun without taking things to seriously or a motorcycle lady or motorcycle gentlemen to spend the rest of your life with, you should never forget that online biker dating should be fun! Even though sometimes it requires a hard time, a thick skin, or a sudden feeling of awkwardness, but as soon as you learn to figure out what you want in other Harley motorcycle riders, what kind of Harley chicks or Harley dudes are good for you and what to do to get what you want. The online biker dating experience will undoubtedly be an adventurous that will definitely make a difference in your social life. Now just take your time to relax and enjoy!

Online Biker Dating Tips that Biker Women Must Know

Dating can both be a prosperous and scary subject at the same time, especially for male Harley riders and female Harley riders. If you are one of the Harley motorcycle riders who are looking for a compatible biker girl or biker dude on the online biker dating sites but somehow find the love-seeking experience is difficult, there are some dating tips for motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy for your reference.

About a decade ago, biker men are the ones who are expected to make the first move compared to biker women. And after all the years that have passed, you can easily tell that the rules in the online biker dating world have chanced a lot. And if you are still not up to the latest online motorcycle dating tips, keep reading this and I guarantee that a better and much clearer idea of how motorcycle women and motorcycle man will appear in your mind.

Put yourself out there.
There is a chance that you have been through horrible dating experience with another Harley man or Harley women or a previous heartbreak, which makes you think that it is impossible for you to find love again on online Harley dating sites. However, whether it will work or not totally depend on you, on whether you will put yourself out there. It is time to get pass your nerves and start a new chapter in your life to sign up on free motorcycle dating websites to find a compatible Harley girls or Harley guy. And also keep in mind that it is a powerful thing to allow yourself to show the vulnerable side to the others, so don’t be afraid.

Meet Harley motorcycle bikers online too
There are some biker chicks and biker dudes who prefer meeting others in person, and the others are inclined to conduct an active social life online. However, moderation is the key in everything and thus, online biker dating is not an exception. It is of great importance to manage both your online biker dating life and real life at the same time.

Don’t overthink your flirting skills.
Flirting is definitely not an easy thing, however, it turns down south especially when you start to overthink it. Sometimes Harley girls and Harley guys forget to attract other with their natural charms, instead, they rely to much on the so-called pick-up lines that you can easily find online, which always turns out badly.

Follow your heart.
Forget about all the so-called online biker dating rules that have been there for ages. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to follow your heart. Because happiness is what matters at the end of the world for motorcycle ladies and motorcycle dudes. If you have encountered a situation where you are not sure what to do next, follow your heart would be a great idea because it will most likely to be the right one when it comes to online motorcycle dating,

How to Take the Relationship with Your Biker Girl to the Next Level

For every biker man and biker women, there comes a time where you have been long enough with your motorcycle man or motorcycle women to a point where you find it necessary to take it to the next level. Getting serious with your Harley women or Harley man can be both exciting but also a little bit…intimidating. Because how your relationship with your biker girl or biker guy is evolving into has a great impact on how your life is going to change. As one of the most popular free biker dating websites, bikernext.com has compiled 3 most useful Harley dating rules to help a tremendous amount of Harley girls and Harley guys to take the relationship to another level in an effective and healthy way.

Communication is always the key
The goal of both of the biker chick and the biker dude is to make a healthy transition to the next stage without being too pushy neither too carefree. Thus knowing your biker partner’s personal need is of great importance. Now it is time to throw away all the bias and stereotypes, be frank and honest with your biker babe or biker man about your expectations. Whether you want to move in together to rush to the church to get married right away, always talk first. On the same hand, listening to your motorcycle babe or motorcycle dude is of equal importance too.

Make compromises
There won’t be an good ending for sure if the male Harley rider and the female Harley rider are pursuing different things. So before starting to work on take the relationship to the next level, be sure that you have the same goal with your motorcycle partner. To achieve the same goal, both parties will have to make compromises before rushing into a decision. Because there are too many possibilities that might cause harm to both you and your single Harley rider, so instead of taking risks, go through all the future plans, concerns as well as hopes with your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude. According to a survey conducted by bikernext.com on 2017, a biker relationship that’s not rushed stands the highest chance of lasting over time.

Understand disagreements
It is understandable that some of the man biker and women biker might get furious once knowing that their partner has different plans from them which might lead to a break up. But it is also important to keep in mind that a successful and long lasting relationship between Harley motorcycle women and Harley motorcycle man depends on mutual trust and understanding. It is more than normal to have different point of views with every individual, even the person you are the closest to. Thus it is not get into a disagreement that matters, it is all about find a solution.

If you want to know more about dating a biker chick or biker dude, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Tips for Biker Women When He Doesn’t Reply

“What if my biker man doesn’t replay my texts? What should I do?”

Every since the first biker dating sites was established, questions like this was asked by biker girls for more than a million times and till today, there is still no exact answer or solution to explain why their special biker guys won’t reply for a long time. A friend of mine, Lisa Woo, who’s also one of the 3,3 millions registered motorcycle girls on free biker dating site, has recently fallen in love with a motorcycle guy she met on Harley dating websites. As things are going pretty well between the female motorcycle rider and the male motorcycle rider, Lisa is thinking about taking the relationship to the nest level and I’m genuinely happy for her. However, about two weeks, ago, Lisa told me the Harley guy has been neglecting her messages and calls. Seeing my best friend suffering from not hearing anything from the motorcycle man she loves made me decided to assemble a series most common reasons when Harley man is ghosting.

Even though there are more than thousands of hundreds of possibilities when he’s not picking up his phone, but identifying a few most common situations will definitely help motorcycle women understand better how the mind of their biker partner navigates.

He’s not sure about you
Your Harley man is not sure whether you are the right Harley women to company him for the rest of his life. The reality is brutal but you can only make it better when you realize what is wrong. He’s probably been thinking whether it’s a right thing to keep the biker relationship going with you or take things to another level and don’t want to give you any false hope. When it happens, biker chicks can do nothing but wait for his answer. Lastly, keep this in mind: no matter how much you like this biker dude, the chance of leading a happy life with him is slim because he is not sure about someone who is supposed to be the closest one to him.

He’s not sure about himself
There are possibilities that the soulmate of motorcycle chicks are standing in a crossroad and have no idea what to do next. Whether it’s a promotion offer which guarantees him a bright future but requires him to move to another country, or family’s disagreements of him being together with his motorcycle babes. Biker babes would probably defend him saying it’s just a bad timing. But trust me, a right motorcycle dude at a bad time is still the wrong one.

He’s actually busy
This is probably the best case scenario since the unique man biker of woman biker is either not seeing anyone else or doing something that’s going to potentially ruin the relationship. In this case, motorcycle ladies should understand him better while granting him more personal space to show the support.

How Do Biker Girls Make Guys Want More

After a glace at the article “How do biker girls make guys want more”, you clicked this page open, which means you probably have this one particular biker guy in your mind but the fire has not yet been set. Or you simply want to be more popular among the biker man on Harley dating sites in order to lead an active social life. But let me tell you my motorcycle women, instead of the essential motorcycle dating rule of “being your true self”, there are a lot more tricks which are going to help Harley women to be more eye catching in the eyes of Harley man. By following the biker dating tips composed by a group of dating expert on biker dating website, biker girls will greatly increase their chance of getting closer to the biker guy they like.

  1. Be patient and wait for the right time
    Knowing if the motorcycle guys takes an interest in you is of vital importance and will instruct the next step of motorcycle girls. If it is clear that the biker dude want you more than a friendly way, it’s time to play hard to get, which will spark his desire of conquering his biker chick. However, if there is no clear sign that your motorcycle gentleman has a crush on you, there is another strategy. Motorcycle ladies need to wait for the good timing patiently to make an effort to build the connection instead of forcing a bond between the biker chick and biker dude. Here are some specific scenarios for biker ladies’ reference. If motorcycle babes have a few mutual friends with their crush, hang out with them first to let the biker gentlemen notice your existence. If you are lucky enough to be the male Harley rider’s classmate or colleague, try to accomplish a project together and make the time spent together pleasant.
  2. Make sure you are different than just a friend.
    I get it that female Harley riders are always more shy and want the other party be more active. But in order to make the male motorcycle rider notice you and even want you, you need to be open and approachable to avoid being friend zoned. Make it an obvious thing that female motorcycle riders want to talk to their crush, want to spend time and want to have the motorcycle dude as not just a friend. Making eye contact and smiling to your man biker are always a efficient way to demonstrate what you want.
  3. Tell him why he should want you.
    By telling him, of course I didn’t mean verbally, but act on it. Women biker should at first know their talent. If you are a good rider of Harley motorcycle bike, invite the motorcycle riding guy on a date by riding motorcycle together. If you make delicious french escargots, invite him along to dinner! If you are an expert on video games, get him a x-box for his birthday!

The Reasons Why Some Harley Riders Get Attached too Soon-2

You will understand why you get attached to the Harley motorcycle rider too quick.
Last week the largest online biker dating website has provided with its biker users with an article talking about why some single Harley riders get attached too quickly and how they should do to avoid it. Without any further due, let’s dive into it dear male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders.

You get distracted by the shiny qualities of the single Harley rider.
Aside from one of the most common reasons that cause quick attachment, which is a troublesome childhood, the second reason is that Harley motorcycle riders get obsessed with the shiny qualities too fast. According to Trevor Denex, the online Harley dating expert who has already helped thousands of biker couples in their online motorcycle dating life, the thing that attracts biker girls and biker guys in a biker babe or motorcycle babe in the first place is not necessarily going to make the relationship better. And sometimes, it is the opposite: the very thing that attracted biker women and biker men at the first place is mostly likely to be what makes the relationship between the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy difficult.

It might be a little bit difficult to understand for a lot of motorcycle women and motorcycle man, thus, let me give you an example. let’s say you meet this great motorcycle babe. He happens to own a couple cool Harley Davidson bike, he’s super successful in his career, and you can literally find no Harley motorcycle rider that really dislikes him. As the relationship progresses, you might not find the shiny qualities cute anymore because it might stops doing favors in your relationship. And it is exactly because of his super successful business, you can hardly find time to spend with your beloved biker chicks or biker dude and of course, the biker relationship is tend to go down south.

To sum up, the next time you match with a man biker or women biker and find yourself overly attached to his or her one or two specific shiny attributes then you need to take a step back or it can be dangerous for your mental health in a long term. Instead of valuing flashy qualities too highly, pay more attention to the little simple things that haven’t often grabbed your eyes in your biker lover, which might be a great idea.

The last reason is that you give away responsibility for your happiness in a subconscious way.
The biker girlfriend and biker boyfriend who are deeply insecure and unsure of how to take care of themselves emotionally will always reach out to someone else for their own happiness. And gradually, this mind state leads to a vicious circle where the Harley chicks and Harley dudes depend fully on their motorcycle partner for their happiness. And even worse, it can be extremely hard for the Harley motorcycle riders to realize all this and make a change in their love life.

Read This If You Are Meeting Your Harley Partner for the First Time

The moment male Harley riders and female Harley riders sign on a various kind of online biker dating sites, they have made up their mind to meet the special biker girls or biker guys in order to conduct an active social life. However, no matter how tense and sexy your conversation can be on the online Harley dating site, the very first date in person can be very different, or in other words, very difficult. Thus, the most frequently asked question is raised by a huge number of biker women and biker man: what can I do to make the first date with my motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy amazing? The expert who gives great online biker dating tips answered the question in 3 perspectives.

The time and the venue
When and where to make the first date with your motorcycle women or motorcycle man to happen requires a lot of thought. The chance that the date will still be good while the time and venue are randomly selected is pretty slim. Because every Harley motorcycle riders have different taste and preference for the first date. Make sure to ask your Harley girls and Harley guys in advance about their schedule and not to make the decision by yourself, which will make both of you comfortable about the first date, and your care and concerns can be naturally showed.

Show your respect
Some Harley women or Harley men are naturally dominant, thus they want to make all the decisions when they are on the date with the biker chicks or biker dudes. But the most important thing, or the key to a successful date is mutual respect, which can be easily shown through very small and detailed acts. For example, ask the opinion of your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes first about, for example, the restaurant they want to dine and the dish they prefer. The point is not actually to let your biker babes choose or take control of the date, but to show that you actually care about the feelings of your motorcycle babes.

Keep the fire going.
No matter how good you have done in the first two steps, if you failed the last one, you fail the whole date. Because keeping the fire going is the whole point if you are looking for the right motorcycle babes who also enjoy the Harley motorcycle dating lifestyle. However, only a small percentage of man bikers and women bikers know the online biker dating tips about how to maintain the attraction between the two. Rule number one is to ask questions which can push your motorcycle babes to think further and not lead the conversation to a dead end. Rule number two is to avoid awkward silence pause. It is totally normal if you have no idea how the date with your motorcycle date is going to work, but there are plenty other motorcycle dating tips you can check on free motorcycle dating sites.

Ways to surprise your biker man or biker woman

When we are luck enough to start a relationship with your compatible biker girl or biker guy, your life has changed. There would be more sweet moment that you would like to keep forever with your motorcycle man or motorcycle women, however, difficulties and hurdles are sometimes inevitable too when it comes to maintaining the connection between the male Harley rider and female Harley rider. It happens to us sometimes that we feel the passion is fading between you and your biker partner. To answer the questions of all the members on online biker dating sites, our motorcycle dating experts have compiled several most useful way to rekindle the fire with your Harley man or Harley women by surprising them.

A treasure hunt.
It doesn’t cost a fortune to surprise your biker girls or biker guy, instead, some time and energy. I am pretty sure you have seen a lot of scenes on movie about treasure hunt, which is usually a anniversary gift that a wife prepare for their husband. So why don’t you consider it as an inspiration? A hint lead to another, as the set changes, the old good memories will come back, which will definitely make the heart of your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy flow. Finish the unexpected treasure hunt by something your biker partner like! Whether it is a football ticket of his favorite march, or a perfume that she has been looking forward to for a long time, it will definitely bring the fire back again!

Let’s go back to the basics.
Man biker as well as women biker living in the modern world have gotten used to the advanced technology to a point where romance is also marked with unwanted traits. So maybe it is time to go back to the basics by using the most old fashioned way to surprise your biker chicks or biker dude. Light the candle and write a love letter is probably way much better than sending a heart emoji. Even if you are not sure, give it a try and you have nothing to lose!

Bring him or her breakfast in bed.
Why is possibly better to start the day than having your own motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude bring you breakfast to bed? Even if you are a terrible cook who would burn the kitchen 9 out of 10 times, don’t be afraid to try the most simple ones such as scrambled eggs and toasts with a few sliced fruits covered with yogurt. You will be surprised how much your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman will love it!

Let him watch sports.
Well, could be, but not literally. The point is to give your motorcycle babes more personal space to do the things he or she wants and allow her to enjoy the Harley dating. I get it you probably want to spend every minute together with your biker babes, but distance will make the relationship more desirable!