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The Reasons Why Some Harley Riders Get Attached too Soon-2

You will understand why you get attached to the Harley motorcycle rider too quick.
Last week the largest online biker dating website has provided with its biker users with an article talking about why some single Harley riders get attached too quickly and how they should do to avoid it. Without any further due, let’s dive into it dear male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders.

You get distracted by the shiny qualities of the single Harley rider.
Aside from one of the most common reasons that cause quick attachment, which is a troublesome childhood, the second reason is that Harley motorcycle riders get obsessed with the shiny qualities too fast. According to Trevor Denex, the online Harley dating expert who has already helped thousands of biker couples in their online motorcycle dating life, the thing that attracts biker girls and biker guys in a biker babe or motorcycle babe in the first place is not necessarily going to make the relationship better. And sometimes, it is the opposite: the very thing that attracted biker women and biker men at the first place is mostly likely to be what makes the relationship between the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy difficult.

It might be a little bit difficult to understand for a lot of motorcycle women and motorcycle man, thus, let me give you an example. let’s say you meet this great motorcycle babe. He happens to own a couple cool Harley Davidson bike, he’s super successful in his career, and you can literally find no Harley motorcycle rider that really dislikes him. As the relationship progresses, you might not find the shiny qualities cute anymore because it might stops doing favors in your relationship. And it is exactly because of his super successful business, you can hardly find time to spend with your beloved biker chicks or biker dude and of course, the biker relationship is tend to go down south.

To sum up, the next time you match with a man biker or women biker and find yourself overly attached to his or her one or two specific shiny attributes then you need to take a step back or it can be dangerous for your mental health in a long term. Instead of valuing flashy qualities too highly, pay more attention to the little simple things that haven’t often grabbed your eyes in your biker lover, which might be a great idea.

The last reason is that you give away responsibility for your happiness in a subconscious way.
The biker girlfriend and biker boyfriend who are deeply insecure and unsure of how to take care of themselves emotionally will always reach out to someone else for their own happiness. And gradually, this mind state leads to a vicious circle where the Harley chicks and Harley dudes depend fully on their motorcycle partner for their happiness. And even worse, it can be extremely hard for the Harley motorcycle riders to realize all this and make a change in their love life.

Read This If You Are Meeting Your Harley Partner for the First Time

The moment male Harley riders and female Harley riders sign on a various kind of online biker dating sites, they have made up their mind to meet the special biker girls or biker guys in order to conduct an active social life. However, no matter how tense and sexy your conversation can be on the online Harley dating site, the very first date in person can be very different, or in other words, very difficult. Thus, the most frequently asked question is raised by a huge number of biker women and biker man: what can I do to make the first date with my motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy amazing? The expert who gives great online biker dating tips answered the question in 3 perspectives.

The time and the venue
When and where to make the first date with your motorcycle women or motorcycle man to happen requires a lot of thought. The chance that the date will still be good while the time and venue are randomly selected is pretty slim. Because every Harley motorcycle riders have different taste and preference for the first date. Make sure to ask your Harley girls and Harley guys in advance about their schedule and not to make the decision by yourself, which will make both of you comfortable about the first date, and your care and concerns can be naturally showed.

Show your respect
Some Harley women or Harley men are naturally dominant, thus they want to make all the decisions when they are on the date with the biker chicks or biker dudes. But the most important thing, or the key to a successful date is mutual respect, which can be easily shown through very small and detailed acts. For example, ask the opinion of your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes first about, for example, the restaurant they want to dine and the dish they prefer. The point is not actually to let your biker babes choose or take control of the date, but to show that you actually care about the feelings of your motorcycle babes.

Keep the fire going.
No matter how good you have done in the first two steps, if you failed the last one, you fail the whole date. Because keeping the fire going is the whole point if you are looking for the right motorcycle babes who also enjoy the Harley motorcycle dating lifestyle. However, only a small percentage of man bikers and women bikers know the online biker dating tips about how to maintain the attraction between the two. Rule number one is to ask questions which can push your motorcycle babes to think further and not lead the conversation to a dead end. Rule number two is to avoid awkward silence pause. It is totally normal if you have no idea how the date with your motorcycle date is going to work, but there are plenty other motorcycle dating tips you can check on free motorcycle dating sites.

Ways to surprise your biker man or biker woman

When we are luck enough to start a relationship with your compatible biker girl or biker guy, your life has changed. There would be more sweet moment that you would like to keep forever with your motorcycle man or motorcycle women, however, difficulties and hurdles are sometimes inevitable too when it comes to maintaining the connection between the male Harley rider and female Harley rider. It happens to us sometimes that we feel the passion is fading between you and your biker partner. To answer the questions of all the members on online biker dating sites, our motorcycle dating experts have compiled several most useful way to rekindle the fire with your Harley man or Harley women by surprising them.

A treasure hunt.
It doesn’t cost a fortune to surprise your biker girls or biker guy, instead, some time and energy. I am pretty sure you have seen a lot of scenes on movie about treasure hunt, which is usually a anniversary gift that a wife prepare for their husband. So why don’t you consider it as an inspiration? A hint lead to another, as the set changes, the old good memories will come back, which will definitely make the heart of your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy flow. Finish the unexpected treasure hunt by something your biker partner like! Whether it is a football ticket of his favorite march, or a perfume that she has been looking forward to for a long time, it will definitely bring the fire back again!

Let’s go back to the basics.
Man biker as well as women biker living in the modern world have gotten used to the advanced technology to a point where romance is also marked with unwanted traits. So maybe it is time to go back to the basics by using the most old fashioned way to surprise your biker chicks or biker dude. Light the candle and write a love letter is probably way much better than sending a heart emoji. Even if you are not sure, give it a try and you have nothing to lose!

Bring him or her breakfast in bed.
Why is possibly better to start the day than having your own motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude bring you breakfast to bed? Even if you are a terrible cook who would burn the kitchen 9 out of 10 times, don’t be afraid to try the most simple ones such as scrambled eggs and toasts with a few sliced fruits covered with yogurt. You will be surprised how much your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman will love it!

Let him watch sports.
Well, could be, but not literally. The point is to give your motorcycle babes more personal space to do the things he or she wants and allow her to enjoy the Harley dating. I get it you probably want to spend every minute together with your biker babes, but distance will make the relationship more desirable!