Expert Guidelines for a Biker Dating Site Bio

 Since a huge number of male Harley riders and female Harley riders have written to ask us the best online biker dating tips to write a bio on online Harley dating sites to attract other like-minded single Harley riders, we have invited Jenny Wong, the expert who’s been working for online biker dating websites for more than a decade, to compile a selection of useful online biker dating advice to write an eye-catching bio on free motorcycle dating websites.

Be as short and genuine as possible.

Your potential motorcycle girlfriend or motorcycle boyfriend probably is going to read dozens of profiles of different Harley motorcycle riders in less than a day. And it’s strongly recommended to keep it as short as possible depending on different online biker dating sites you are using. For example, on the largest free biker dating sites, 1–3 lines is all you need to write to attract the eyes of your potential motorcycle women and motorcycle man.

Start with the takeaway.

What are the one or two things that you want your biker girls and biker guy to know about you? What is the common ground you value the most with your potential biker gentlemen or biker ladies? Ask yourself this question and I guess most single Harley riders will get the answer. Note that single Harley riders can’t tell a Harley motorcycle rider everything about their personality and Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle story in such a short space, and it’s pointless to try. For example, according to Lily, the biker babe who’s been riding Harley Davidson bikes for more than a decade, it’s the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. The favorite thing of the motorcycle babe is chase sunrise on her Harley Davidson bike. And thus, she emphasized her little interest in the bio on free biker dating websites. “I want to make sure that my potential motorcycle girlfriend or motorcycle boyfriend would be 100% on board with the idea of riding Harley Davidson bikes together.

Think about storytelling shorthand.

Even though storytelling is a skill that not every Harley motorcycle rider has, it’s still of great importance to stand out from other thousands of hundreds of like-minded motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys. Firstly, imagine what kind of Harley chick or Harley dude you are in the world of online biker dating. Sexy biker girl or Boho free spirit in the motorcycle riding world. Don’t get me wrong, I know that every single Harley women and Harley man is unique and nothing can label them in any possible way, but it can still help give your potential motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentlemen a deeper impression and also makes it easier for the motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes to identify you.

Don’t try to appeal to every single Harley rider.

If you’re worried that something in your profile might scare certain man bikers and women bikers away, consider it as a great time-saver. Afterall, it’s impossible to please every motorcycle babe on free biker dating websites.

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