Tips for Biker Women When He Doesn’t Reply

“What if my biker man doesn’t replay my texts? What should I do?”

Every since the first biker dating sites was established, questions like this was asked by biker girls for more than a million times and till today, there is still no exact answer or solution to explain why their special biker guys won’t reply for a long time. A friend of mine, Lisa Woo, who’s also one of the 3,3 millions registered motorcycle girls on free biker dating site, has recently fallen in love with a motorcycle guy she met on Harley dating websites. As things are going pretty well between the female motorcycle rider and the male motorcycle rider, Lisa is thinking about taking the relationship to the nest level and I’m genuinely happy for her. However, about two weeks, ago, Lisa told me the Harley guy has been neglecting her messages and calls. Seeing my best friend suffering from not hearing anything from the motorcycle man she loves made me decided to assemble a series most common reasons when Harley man is ghosting.

Even though there are more than thousands of hundreds of possibilities when he’s not picking up his phone, but identifying a few most common situations will definitely help motorcycle women understand better how the mind of their biker partner navigates.

He’s not sure about you

Your Harley man is not sure whether you are the right Harley women to company him for the rest of his life. The reality is brutal but you can only make it better when you realize what is wrong. He’s probably been thinking whether it’s a right thing to keep the biker relationship going with you or take things to another level and don’t want to give you any false hope. When it happens, biker chicks can do nothing but wait for his answer. Lastly, keep this in mind: no matter how much you like this biker dude, the chance of leading a happy life with him is slim because he is not sure about someone who is supposed to be the closest one to him.

He’s not sure about himself

There are possibilities that the soulmate of motorcycle chicks are standing in a crossroad and have no idea what to do next. Whether it’s a promotion offer which guarantees him a bright future but requires him to move to another country, or family’s disagreements of him being together with his motorcycle babes. Biker babes would probably defend him saying it’s just a bad timing. But trust me, a right motorcycle dude at a bad time is still the wrong one.

He’s actually busy

This is probably the best case scenario since the unique man biker of woman biker is either not seeing anyone else or doing something that’s going to potentially ruin the relationship. In this case, motorcycle ladies should understand him better while granting him more personal space to show the support.

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